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We are experiencing high levels of referrals. When you email us we will let you know our current capacity, how our waiting list works and let you know of other local providers you can also check.
It seems clear that we are going to be facing an increased transmission risk from Covid-19 for some time. We wanted to let you know how we plan to work in the current climate. We have been undertaking risk assessments for our clinics (please email if you would like a copy of these) and working out our procedures in line with current health care guidance. Although there will be some increase and decrease in the rates of Covid-19 in our area, the scientific view is that transmission rates will not drop quickly and we are therefore expecting that this approach will remain into early 2021 at least.
We remain aware that we see young people from a wide geographical area and are an intersection point between otherwise separate communities. It appears that Covid-19 poses a very low risk to young people who either catch it less often or so mildly that some don’t notice being ill. However, we all have people in our wider communities who are in the higher risk groups and we want to play an active role in delaying the transmission of the virus until a vaccine is created. We also strongly feel that young people need to return to their school communities and want to play our part in enabling this to continue.

Additionally, we are also aware that Jacinta, Kate and Natalie have a number of ‘bubbles’ within their own family lives – all of which increase their chances of being exposed to Covid-19. Similarly, each family we meet is likely to have around 3 (or more) ‘bubbles’ within their families. If we are seeing 10-15 families a week each with 3 bubbles then by meeting face to face we potentially increase your transmission risk considerably. Therefore, we are continuing to offer most of our appointments online. We have found that this works for most young people and we are happy to do the extra work required to accommodate this.

In some situations, ‘in person’ appointments might be more appropriate. These are most likely to be agreed with families who are already known to us and for whom online appointments are not providing effective or where the child’s clinical presentation suggests in person appointments are needed. We may offer ‘walk and talk’ appointments or more typical appointments in the clinic room. If this seems appropriate we will discuss this thoroughly with you so that you are aware of the process and have a chance to consider all the options and decide what will work best for your family given your child’s difficulties and the particular circumstances your family faces. Where face to face appointments are agreed we will ask you to complete a specific consent form prior to the appointment.

We are expecting that there will be lots of occasions during the next 6 months or so where appointments need to change with little notice. This might be due to your family being exposed to Covid-19 and having to self-isolate. Or it might be that we are exposed to Covid-19 and have to self-isolate. If we have met in person then we will let you know if we are exposed to Covid-19 and would ask that you do the same. We aim to keep your appointment time the same but ask you to understand that we might need change the appointment at short notice.

We are all registered with the HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) and another professional body such as the BPS (British Psychological Society) and abide by their professional codes of conduct and ethics. We both have an enhanced DBS check (previously called a CRB check) and hold professional liability insurance.

Interventions offered are likely to be based upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Attachment Therapy or draw upon other well recognised and evidenced theories. It is possible to access OCP's services through some private health insurance policies.

We both attend regular clinical supervision sessions in order to maintain the quality of the therapy offered and keep up to date with advances in clinical psychology by attending relevant Continued Professional Development Events.

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